Top Ten Royal Rumble PPV’s


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I love Rumble season. Wrestling gets exciting again and it feels like anything can happen. Today we are going to count down the 10 very best Royal Rumble events. This is based on the whole card, not just the rumble match itself. CHECK OUT THE LIST AFTER THE JUMP.

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The Greatest Royal Rumble Match Ever


Can we get cool posters again please?

Ah, Royal Rumble season. Such a wonderful time of year. A time where it seems everyone has a shot at breaking through, and everyone has a shot to make their mark. I love the Royal Rumble match, it is easily the most exciting match of the year on the WWE calendar. The surprise entrances and surprise performances keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Even bad Royal Rumble matches are good. You can get upset with the winner all you want, but you can’t argue that it wasn’t a fun hour. So what’s my favorite Rumble match of all time? Well, the poster above should spoil that, but the explanation will follow.

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Review – “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake”


This poster is glorious.

Anybody with even a passing interest in wrestling knows about Jake Roberts’ struggle with addiction and the trials and tribulations that have come from his demons. Most were aware of Diamond Dallas Page taking on the very difficult and personal task of trying to help Jake kick his demons. Now, we finally have the inside story of what went down in the “Accountability Crib.” How does this documentary handle tackling such an enigmatic figure like┬áJake “The Snake” Roberts? FIND OUT AFTER THE JUMP.

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What makes NXT so great?


The very best brand in WWE

Perhaps the most perplexing problem with today’s WWE is the extreme difference in quality between WWE’s “developmental” brand and its main roster. Most explanations point to the fact that for all intents and purposes NXT is still very very new. It still has a freshness to it. The faces are “mostly” new, the name is new, the feuds are “new.” Freshness isn’t what makes NXT different and it isn’t what makes NXT great…in fact it is the complete opposite. MORE AFTER THE JUMP.

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Review – Owen: Hart of Gold


Enough is enough and it’s time for a dvd!

One of the most long awaited and anticipated WWE Home Videos of all time was finally released at the beginning of December. Owen: Hart of Gold, the 2 disc Blu-Ray (3 Disc DVD) set chronicles the life and career of one of the most revered WWE superstars of all time, Owen Hart. REVIEW AFTER THE JUMP.

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