Bray Wyatt’s biggest downfall is himself

"He's here"

“He’s here”

Bray Wyatt is the most intriguing guy to grace WWE TV in quite a long time. He gets significant promo time in an era where not a lot do. His promos are often laced with peaks and crescendos. He speaks in riddles and outlandish statements about sisters named Abigail, buzzards, devils, darkness, etc. His greatest asset is his mouth. It is what separates him from the rest of the roster but it will also be his greatest undoing.

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What’s not to get with the Ascension?

"LOD 3000?"

“LOD 3000?”

As many know the Ascension was called up to the main roster, making their debut on RAW. They defeated Miz & Mizdow in what was a glorified squash match. I have followed the Ascension nearly since their inception. They dominated the NXT tag scene for a solid few years. Granted, the tag division doesn’t always house a plethora of teams, but still I dug their work. I still do. It seems that the common consensus among us fans now is that they aren’t that great, or they aren’t being handled that great. I agree that they aren’t being handled greatly but not for the same reasons as most.

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The Case for Shaun Ricker

“Just a fact of life…”

Tyler already made the case for Brian Cage. I figure I would try my hand at his old tag team partner, Shaun Ricker. Or Slate Randall for you extreme NXT fans. Why Shaun Ricker isn’t gracing us every Thursday night (soon to be Wednesdays) on the WWE Network is a travesty. The dude has “it” and “that isn’t an insult, that’s just a fact of life.” More about Ricker after the jump.

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Dirt Sheets Suck

Remember when Miz was half decent? The Dirt Sheet ruled.

Remember when Miz was half decent? The Dirt Sheet ruled.

Despite the awesome picture of the amazing (mostly) online show, “The Dirt Sheet” hosted by The Miz and John Morrison, we are not here to discuss this great talk show in WWE history. No joke it really was great and I don’t hear it talked about enough.

We are hear to chat about the rumor sites, the wrestling “news” sites, the dirt sheets. Although, physical dirt sheets haven’t existed since “Geocities,” and AOL Free Trial Discs, I and many others still refer to them as if they were still in physical form. So, dirt sheets it is…or the dirts if you prefer.

I am not going to discuss how the internet has pretty much ruined the business and how I honestly wish I could stay eternally 5-12 years old in my wrestling years. We are discussing the way said dirt is presented and how many dirt sheets are commonly ran now a days. And if you keep reading this article I will post a link to a picture of a circa 2000 Rey Mysterio flipping off a camera, and claim it is recent, and also claim he is flipping off WWE fans.

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The Case for Brian Cage


This isn’t going to be yet another article just continuously putting over the wrestler being talked about, saying he’s the best in the business, greatest of all time, or whatever grandiose titles you wanna throw on someone. No, this is going to be an article, or rather, just a giant question. WHY this guy isn’t somewhere else right now. Why isn’t he making money hand over fist? Why doesn’t he have a belt around his waist?

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